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4 Professions Where ClearCorrect Can Benefit You

January 13, 2023

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ClearCorrect is an orthodontic treatment that moves your teeth into a more ideal position over several months or years. It is a popular alternative to braces that allows you to correct gaps or misaligned teeth more discreetly since the aligners are virtually invisible. ClearCorrect benefits patients regardless of their occupation, but it may offer extra perks to those working in certain fields. Keep reading to learn about four occupations where this treatment may help you progress in your career.


5 Tips on How to Enjoy Holidays Foods with Braces

December 8, 2022

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family and friends enjoying holiday foods

Memorable moments with your loved ones are one of the best parts of the holidays. This can include eating many of your favorite seasonal dishes and treats during meals with them! While you are excited about the festivities, you may be concerned about getting food stuck in your braces, causing an unexpected visit to your orthodontist. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening with these helpful tips for eating holiday foods with braces.


Goodbye, Braces! 4 Things You Can Expect Next

October 8, 2022

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You have waited for this moment for a long time: your braces are finally removed. Gone are the metal brackets and wires…now a beautiful, straight smile has taken their place! You are ready to indulge in the foods you have missed and complete your oral routine with ease. But the process is not entirely over. Your orthodontist is here to let you know what you can expect as you enjoy your metal-free smile.


Wondering How Long You’ll Wear Your Retainer After ClearCorrect®? Read This!

September 29, 2022

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Patient holding up ClearCorrect® retainer

Despite the popularity of orthodontic treatment, there is a common misconception: that braces can straighten your teeth indefinitely. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While treatments like ClearCorrect® can effectively (and discreetly!) guide your teeth into their properly aligned positions, it is possible for a phenomenon known as “orthodontic relapse” to occur. Don’t worry, that’s where your ClearCorrect® retainer comes in! To learn how long you’ll need to wear it, as well as how to care for it, keep reading.

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