Loose Teeth: Is It Normal While Wearing Braces?

February 3, 2023

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You’ve been wearing braces for a few months, and you’re excited about the results you will achieve once treatment is over. But suddenly, you discover that your teeth feel less stable than before. Could it be because of your orthodontic appliances? This unusual feeling might cause you to worry, but you’re not alone. A dentist is here to answer the question, “Why do teeth feel loose with braces” so that you worry less and instead, focus on your future smile.

What Causes Teeth to Loosen During Orthodontic Treatment?

If you suddenly feel as if your teeth are loose while wearing braces, don’t assume they will fall out. These are not primary teeth. Instead, they feel less stable inside your mouth because they are moving.

When wearing a traditional metal bracket-and-wire system, your pearly whites will need to realign over time, which means they must shift to reach the desired position. Throughout treatment, your teeth will remain attached to the gum tissues that are fused with the jawbone. As these structures stretch and condense, it may feel as if they are about to fall out, but they are not.

Instead, they remain secure until they reach their desired location, in which, the bone will rebuild itself, keeping teeth from feeling loose any longer.

Can Teeth Fall Out While Wearing Braces?

If your teeth manage to fall out while wearing braces, it is not the orthodontic appliance that is the culprit. Instead, should you neglect to practice good oral hygiene, you run the risk of decay and cavities forming, which can cause your teeth to eventually fall out. Gingivitis and gum disease can also result in tooth loss.

This is why it is imperative that you abide by the instructions provided by your orthodontist when undergoing orthodontic treatment. Brushing, flossing, rinsing, and keeping your regular follow-up appointments will help to ensure that your smile is cavity and damage-free and that it remains in a healthy state while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Loose teeth are common when choosing to straighten your smile with traditional braces. But do not be alarmed. Instead, make sure that you’re taking proper steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy before, during, and after braces treatment.

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Dr. Davis Witt is the lead orthodontist at Witt Orthodontics, and he has been in private practice for more than 25 years. Providing safe and effective solutions to patients of all ages, he can deliver beautiful results with the help of traditional braces. No matter the situation, he and our team will generate personalized treatment plans to provide patients with a clear roadmap toward a healthier smile. He will even offer tips and further explanations should you feel something might be wrong during treatment (i.e., loose teeth). Just visit our website to find out more.

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