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Learn More About the Benefits of Guardian

Do you have a Guardian dental insurance plan? Certainly, you can use your plan at your general dentist’s office to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for a range of oral health services. You might even be able to use your policy here at Witt Orthodontics, PC! We are in-network with Guardian, and we are eager to guide you as you seek to use your benefits to your greatest possible advantage. Read this page to learn more about how our Guardian orthodontist and team in Holden can help you maximize your coverage.

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Guardian Coverage Availability & Fees

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Guardian offers a number of different dental insurance plans, so you will need to look at the details of your unique policy to find out how it might apply in any given situation. All of their plans provide robust coverage for preventive care from a general dentist, and they usually help out with minor and major restorative services as well.

However, not all of their plans cover orthodontic care. Those that do are usually limited to coverage for patients under 19 years of age. A waiting period may also be applicable. If you have had your policy for less than 12 months, you may not yet be able to use it for the orthodontic care of your younger family members.

When you are able to use your Guardian plan for orthodontia, it is likely to cover about 50% of the cost of care, up to a certain limit. Often, the limit is around $1,000.

As an in-network Guardian orthodontist, our team can assist you as you strive to use your benefits in a way that keeps your costs to a minimum. For example, we can verify your coverage. Plus, since we have a contract with Guardian, you can expect to pay less in our practice than you would at an out of network provider.

Meet Debbie

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Our entire team is eager to help you use your Guardian plan. However, Debbie, our office manager, is the one who takes the lead in that area. She has been with the Witt Orthodontics, PC team for over 20 years, and she greatly enjoys helping patients to have a positive experience. Give our office a call so you can give Debbie your policy information. She will help you use it to your greatest advantage!