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Learn More About the Benefits of Delta Dental

Orthodontic work can get pricey at times. That’s only natural – it relies on special knowledge, quality materials, and more. As such, a given treatment may “break the bank” when you pay for it alone. Luckily, we at Witt Orthodontics accept insurance from Delta Dental. If you hold a policy with them, our care’s price is greatly reduced. To find out how that works, let your Delta Dental orthodontist explain. Read on to learn how our office can make a straight smile affordable.

Delta Dental Coverage Availability & Fees

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Delta Dental has three main dental insurance plans. They are the following:

  • Delta Dental PPO™ – This option is Delta Dental’s preferred provider program. Through it, patients are granted a dental network that accepts reduced fees for covered services.
  • Delta Dental Premier® – A fee-for-service plan, this choice offers Delta Dental’s largest network of dentists. Furthermore, these dentists have agreed to contracted fees with Delta Dental. That means you only pay your copay and deductible.
  • DeltaCare® USA (HMO) – As Delta Dental’s HMO, DeltaCare USA® provides low-cost coverage with a focus on preventive care.

A few of the above options let you see any licensed dentist you want. Still, you’ll save more money by visiting an in-network provider. At the same time, DeltaCare USA® only allows you to see a dentist from their network.

Technically, coverage from Delta Dental varies by plan. Some policies cover more of a service’s cost than others. In general, though, most of the company’s plans cover:

  • 100% coverage for preventive services (i.e., checkups, cleanings, X-rays, etc.)
  • 70-80% coverage for minor restorative services (i.e., fillings, simple extractions, etc.)
  • 50-70% coverage for major restorative services (i.e., dental crowns, braces, etc.)

Some plans use an allowance table to show the dollar amount paid for each procedure. This approach has you pay the difference between the allowance and a dental practice’s fee. Prepaid plans like DeltaCare® USA even have set copayments, which let you calculate in advance how much you’ll owe.

Most Delta Dental insurance plans work within a one-year benefit period. (This timeline often extends from January to December, but not always.) Furthermore, they apply some yearly maximums and limits to each family member. Within these predefined restrictions, our team will work to maximize your benefits as best we can.

Meet Debbie

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manager of more than two decades, she’s the one in charge of filing your claims and maximizing your plan benefits. She’ll even verify your coverage before treatment begins. All that being the case, she’s the perfect person to ask your insurance-related questions. Her experience, skills, and demeanor will ensure you get the answers you need!