uLab Systems – Holden, MA

New Technology for Clear Aligners

Two decades ago, clear aligners debuted, offering patients a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. Fortunately, technology has continued to advance since then. As a result, patients today don’t have to choose between virtually undetectable trays and quicker treatment timelines; they can have both! Our dedicated team at Witt Orthodontics is proud to use uLab Systems, which allows Dr. Witt to fine-tune every aspect of your treatment, ensuring you get the gorgeous smile you deserve. If you’d like to learn more, then read on or get in touch with our team!


Why Choose Witt Orthodontics For Clear Aligners?

  • In-House 3D Computerized Digital Treatment Set Up
  • In-House 3D Printing of All Dental Models
  • In-House Fabrication of All Clear Aligners

How Our Custom Treatment Plans Are Designed In-House

Dr. Witt has more than 20 years of experience helping patients achieve smiles that are as healthy and functional as they are beautiful. An expert in all aspects of tooth movement, he didn’t want to do treatment planning with a remote technician like other offices. With in-house control of each step, he can completely personalize each treatment plan, prevent delays for his patients, and even replace lost aligners in just one day! Now, he utilizes the state-of-the-art uLab Systems, which makes getting the personalized, efficient, discreet, and comfortable braces you want more convenient than ever before.

Two New Ways to Achieve Your Dream Smile

Have you been told that you aren’t a candidate for clear aligners? Good news: our technology may have just changed that! With Dr. Witt’s extensive experience and the latest technology, we are proud to offer our patients two new ways to achieve their smile goals:

Hybrid Treatment

Traditionally, patients with clear aligners or traditional braces used the same orthodontic treatment on both arches of teeth. At Witt Orthodontics, we have the ability to take it a step further, truly customizing your treatment to your dental needs and smile goals in the process. With hybrid treatment, we can utilize a fixed clear (ceramic) appliance on one arch and clear aligner treatment on the other arch.

Combo Treatment

For patients with challenging movements, combo treatment may be the best solution. In this case, we can use fixed clear (ceramic) appliances 4-6 months before finishing your case with aligners. In addition to eliminating any discing or stripping of the enamel, this allows for a smoother transition and ensures that even patients with moderate to severe malocclusion can enjoy a more discreet teeth-straightening journey.