When are Braces the Best Option for Orthodontic Treatment?

September 20, 2023

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Whether you’re an adult or teen, deciding to address bite misalignment, crowding, gaps between teeth, and other orthodontic issues will be great for both your health and confidence. However, today, there are multiple orthodontic treatment options available, and you’ll need to find out which one is right for you. While traditional braces are often thrown aside for the discreet convenience of clear aligners, the truth is, brackets and wires have their own unique benefits. Read on to learn when braces can be the better option.

What’s the Difference Between Clear Aligners & Braces?

Depending on your unique situation, your orthodontist may give you an option to choose between clear aligners and traditional metal or clear braces. In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to know what each process will look like and how the orthodontic appliances will work.

Traditional braces, whether you opt for metal or clear ones, use brackets that are attached to the front surface of teeth and archwires, which connect the brackets on both the bottom and top arches. The wire is adjusted to place a strategic, gentle amount of pressure on the teeth to help them gradually shift into their ideal alignment. Traditional braces are also excellent for tackling bite problems of a more moderate to severe nature, as well as adjusting crowding, misalignment, and gaps.

The primary difference between braces and clear aligners is the appliance itself. Just like braces, clear trays place a gradual amount of pressure onto the teeth to encourage them to shift. But, despite their less-impactful appearance, clear aligners can only treat milder to moderate orthodontic issues.

Reasons to Consider Traditional Braces

  1. Braces Can Still Be Aesthetically Pleasing: Today, you can choose from less-visible clear braces or metal ones depending on your preference, allowing your orthodontic appliance to not take over your smile.
  2. They’re Better for Issues That are More Complex: If you’re dealing with more severe or complex bite problems or misalignment, braces will likely be the best option to help solve them, as clear aligners are best used for adjustments of a more cosmetic nature.
  3. Braces are a Tried-and-True Treatment: Traditional braces have been used for countless decades to help straighten teeth, making them one of the most reliable and time-tested orthodontic treatments.
  4. You Can Leave & Forget Braces: With braces, you won’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting to put them back in your mouth like you would with aligners, because they’ll be straightening your teeth for 24 hours a day. This makes the overall process a little more convenient and easier for patients to stick to it, especially those who are forgetful.

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