The 4 Best Moments for Braces in Pop Culture History

July 21, 2023

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While braces in real life are nothing to laugh at or be ashamed of, sometimes good humor or a jolt of inspiration can be felt through the performance of a braces-wearing comedian or actress actor. Much of the stigma that used to surround braces has disappeared, but it can sometimes be difficult to wear them with pride.

These four pop culture moments showcase that great stories, comical scenes, and feelings of inspiration can still be achieved while rocking metal. Read on to relive iconic moments with braces or make note of them for your future viewing pleasure.

1. Lisa’s Transformation in The Simpsons

Mr. Burnes, the “Scrooge of Springfield” has decided to remove dental insurance from all the workers at the power plant where Homer Simpson works. In exchange, he offers a free keg if the union meets his demands. As the other workers celebrate their new keg, Homer realizes Lisa needs braces…over and over again.

After being forced to pay for braces out of pocket, Lisa is fitted with the cheapest (and ugliest) set available, leading to an iconic frame of Lisa desperately trying to smile in a contraption Jigsaw would be proud of.

2. Darla Sherman’s Big Reveal in Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is about a young clown fish, Nemo, who is separated from his over-protective father, Marlin. While Marlin goes on a grand adventure to save Nemo from his unknown fate, Nemo is having an adventure of his own.

Nemo has been put into the care of a dentist in Australia and is intended as a gift for his niece, Darla. The braces-wearing, self-styled piranha becomes the movie’s ticking clock as she terrorizes the tank. In her exaggerated braces, she’s more terrifying than the recovering fish-eating addict Bruce the Shark.

3. Jimmy Fallon and in “Ew!”

Jimmy and play their drama girl alter egos—Sara and—in a rap breakdown of all the things that they find “ew.” They start in the middle of a nightclub, dressed in their finest “schoolyard sheik” including wigs, neon-colored clothing, backpacks, and of course—braces.

What follows is an entire stream of overplayed gossip between the two “girlfriends” as they talk about the drama going on with their friends and how “ew” it is. Spoilers, it’s like 80% about butts. The rest is stuff even the rest of us would find “ew,” like ducklips.

4. Cindy Crawford’s Iconic Pepsi Commercial

Believe it or not, supermodel Cindy Crawford was the face of Pepsi in the early to mid-90s. In one of the more heartwarming ads, we see a pair of middle school-aged kids getting ready for their first date. Both of them have doubts about their appearance and how the other will see them as they drink Pepsi.

However, when the boy takes off his glasses, takes a deep breath, and knocks, the girl excitedly runs to the door. When she opens it, we see a very handsome and older man in the boy’s place from her perspective. When the camera switches to show what he sees, it’s Cindy Crawford flashing a set of sparkling braces.

These instances remind us that embracing the quirks that make us unique can lead to unforgettable and heartwarming scenes. In the realm of entertainment, even the presence of braces can contribute to creating iconic and relatable characters.

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