4 Tips for Easily Removing Clear Aligners

October 12, 2023

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If you’ve recently started using Invisalign, you might find it a bit tricky, especially when it comes to removing the aligners. Whether you’re struggling with regular trays or have attachments, there are ways to make this process easier. Instead of risking damage by pulling on your aligners, this article shares five simple methods to help you remove them with ease.

Method #1: Use Your Fingers

The most straightforward way to remove clear aligners involves using your fingers. Simply use your fingernails to hook under the edges of the aligners. Start by gently pulling them down, releasing the aligners from your back molars. As you reach the front of your mouth, release the trays, and you should find it easy to lift them off your teeth. This method is practical as it doesn’t require any specific tools.

Method #2: Using Paper Towels

If you’re having difficulty gripping your aligners, consider using paper towels for an easier removal process. Hold a paper towel in each hand, positioning them over your back molars. Firmly grasp one of your aligners and pull down until it releases from your molars. Continue this process gradually towards the front of your mouth until you can easily pop the trays off.

Method #3: Use Surgical Gloves

For an improved grip, surgical gloves can be more effective than paper towels due to their better maneuverability. Ensure you have the appropriate type, as thicker gloves may be harder to handle. Also, make sure the gloves are clean before placing them in your mouth. Use them similarly to paper towels, starting from the back and moving forward until the aligners can be easily taken off.

Method #4: Use an Aligner Removal Tool

If you encounter difficulties removing clear aligners, consider using aligner removal tools designed for this purpose. These tools are specifically crafted to assist in the removal process, especially when cleaning your hands before taking out the trays is challenging.

The aligner removal tool is ingeniously designed with a dual-sided structure to enhance its functionality. On one end, a hook is incorporated, serving as a secure attachment point to your aligner. Meanwhile, the opposite end has a flat surface meant to rest against the edge of the aligner to dislodge it with a pushing motion.

If you have a difficult time removing clear aligners, follow one of the above tips to remove them more easily. Don’t hesitate to experiment until you identify the approach that works best!

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